DOES GOD EXIST? Audio Series

You can listen to the DOES GOD EXIST? audio series with John N. Clayton by clicking the play button on any session below, or you can order the entire series on CDs from our STORE.


2-The Beginning

3-Intuitive Design

4-Architectural Design

5-Design or Chance?

6-What is God?

7-In God’s Image

8-The Problem of Human Suffering

9-Why Are We Here?

10-Which God Should We Serve?

11-Why the Bible?


13-The Age of Things

14-The Sequence of Genesis

15-The Animals of Genesis

16-Is God a Magician or and Engineer?

17-The Flood

18-Making Moral Choices

19-Morality’s Proof of God

20-God’s Finest Design (Part 1)

21 God’s Finest Design (Part 2)

22-The Paranormal

23-Demonology and Exorcism

24-The Nature of Man

25-Why I Left Atheism (Part 1)

26-Why I Left Atheism (Part 2)